Frequently asked questions

Why so many newspaper tears and other paper graphics?

Paper elements (from newspaper tears to stickies to school paper and letters) are the basis of many designers' toolboxes. They can be incorporated into many a graphic, and having quality paper images ready when needed can save time and money, which are both big client pleasers.

Do you have any images with transparent backgrounds?

For each image that has a clipping path we also provide another version that is already “cut out,” so to speak. These are PNG files, and are available as an option on each image's preview page. More about the PNG format.

Do you have Photoshop paper tears (PSD files)?

We don't offer our paper tears in Photoshop format, but the JPEGs we do offer are extremely high quality, and visually indiscernible from Photoshop files. The PNG files we offer are lossless, and have an alpha channel that lets you put the graphic on any background.

How do I buy these graphics?

Simply browse the site and add items you want to your shopping cart. When you're ready to purchase your paper images, just click the shopping cart graphic on the top right. You can also simply click the “Buy Now” button on any image's preview page.

After you've agreed to our licensing terms and paid for your graphics, you will receive an email confirmation and a link to your purchased images.

What is the format of the full-sized images?

The purchased images are high resolution, super high quality JPEG files. We also have lossless PNGs with full alpha transparency for many of our images.

Do the files include clipping paths?

Yes. Every size file includes clipping paths, which are basically shapes embedded in the JPEG file that allow you to separate each paper element from the background. In this way you can place these images on any color background without worrying about off-color edges around the placed element.

The only files that don't include clipping paths are images where there is no need for an outline, like a background paper texture, for example. PNG files also won't have a path, since they already have a transparent background.

Is there a time limit on downloading purchased images?

Yes. You have 24 hours from the moment your payment is confirmed to download the file(s) for that order. After that time, you will have to re-purchase. We do this to keep the cost of the images here low.

How can I use the images on this site after I've bought them/what are the usage restrictions on purchased images?

There shouldn't be any big surprises if you're used to purchasing digital images online. You can read the full license, here.

Why do the preview images have your logo on them?

That watermark is there to prevent free downloads. Your purchased images will not be watermarked.

Why doesn't the shopping cart (or some other function) work?

Please make sure you have JavaScript and cookies enabled in your browser, which should be updated to the latest version. If you're still having trouble, you can contact us with specific details and we'll do our best to help you out.

Have any of the large files been upsampled?

No. All sizes are based on high-resolution scans, providing the large dimensions with great clarity.

What DPI are the downloaded files?

Each file is 300 DPI unless otherwise stated.

What color profile do these images have?

sRGB IEC61966-2.1 unless otherwise stated.

Can I buy more than one license at a time?

If you need more than one license - say for another designer that might need to use the graphic(s) separately from you - you will have to purchase the images separately.

Do you guys sell real paper?

Nope. All digital here! (No paper cuts, either).